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Nóminas y Seguridad Social Diez is a tool that allows you to automate payroll for both companies that need general functionality for these processes as well as ones that need more specific functions. No matter the case, this application will help you save a lot of time.

The program is equipped with all the legal system requirements related to payroll and will help you maintain complete control while providing you with all the detailed information you need. It includes functions such as diverse contract models, either blank or predetermined salary receipts, automatic calculation of union agreement delays, summary of payroll, and even diverse models of Internal Revenue in PDF.

Some of the most interesting features included in Nóminas y Seguridad Social Diez are the automatic calculation of Social Security bonuses, workday calendars, automatic calculation of payroll and extra-ordinary payments, automatic calculation of I.R.P.F. percentages, automatic calculation of union agreement delays, among many others.

Additionally, it allows you to process work contracts using the Contrat@ system, which enables you to do everything via file transfer. In the same way, it gives you the possibility of keeping track of changes due to temporary incapacitation or business certificates through the file sending system Delt@.

Nóminas y Seguridad Social Diez is a multi-company and multi-labor union business management tool that, with a simple and straight-forward interface, allows users to take total control of their business.

Repository: ppa:michael-astrapi/ppa
Architecture: i386


The trial version has a series of limitations:

- The calculation of payroll is limited to 10 payrolls total.
- You can't generate files on the System Network.
- You can't do calculations in the follwoing areas: Ocean Area, Local Administration, Artist Area, and Home Employment Area
- You can only use the standard payroll model.
- You're not allowed to buy labor unions.

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